Artist Statement:

          In my work, heterogeneous elements resonate to form entirely unpredictable art objects. The objects dialogically translate a memory and experience of their own life-lived. The processes used in my practice are driven by a dualism that marries personal autonomy with the unpredictable elements of material and alchemical entanglements. Individual artworks are in every moment at risk of becoming perceptually transformed and recycled into raw material to be used in further creative experiments. Working in this manner allows the value associated with the work to transform and change on its own by opening pathways of potential and realization.

          My conceptual inspirations come from the notion that matter has agency both inside and outside its relationship to humans. I also have an interest in positive ontological questions that seek to determine the limits of abstractions, the conditions of their actions and their effects in experience. My intention is to give attention to the nature of reality itself, which from the human perspective is always an abstraction.

         The point has become to push and reconfigure individual doings and beings to their limits of dissolution so that we might get beyond our present inscriptions and enter a new mode of experience altogether.



          Zach Miller is an artist living and working in Fort Collins, CO.  Zach's diverse interest in visual culture informs his participation in both local and national communities.  Zach maintains a daily art practice, acts as an interim instructor of printmaking at the university level and serves as a staff member at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art in Fort Collins, CO.  His recent accomplishments include participation in the Atlanta Print Biennial in Atlanta, GA, the Wheaton Biennial in Norton, MA, Art Now: Printmaking in Ann Arbor, MI and a best in show award at the TVAA National Competition in Mesquite, TX.  Zach’s work also resides in the permanent collection of Oklahoma State University.



Instagram: @zauster