Zachary Miller is an artist living and working in Fort Collins, CO.  Zach's diverse interest in visual culture informs his participation in both local and international communities.  Miller maintains a daily art practice, acts as an interim instructor of printmaking at the university level and serves as a Manager at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art in Fort Collins, CO.  His recent accomplishments include  the group curation of Spatial Flux: Contemporary Drawings from the Joann Gonzalez Hickey Collection at the Gregory Allicar Museum in Fort Collins, COparticipation in the Atlanta Print Biennial in Atlanta, GA, the Wheaton Biennial in Norton, MA, Art Now: Printmaking in Ann Arbor, MI .  Miller’s new media works have also been featured in international exhibitions at the CICA Museum in South Korea, the Group Global 3000 in Berlin, Germany and the Videopoetry Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Zach’s work resides in the permanent collection of Oklahoma State University.



Instagram: @zauster